December 20, 2016

Nova Internal Menu v1.1 | UNDETCTED 1.37 - GTA V Hacks & Cheats

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This is a new internal hack/menu for GTA V. I recommend you only use this in a private lobby (crew only, invite only, solo or an empty public lobby) to avoid being reported.
To Open, use F9, or LB+DPAD Down.
use Arrow Keys or Numpad to navigate.

To install, put NovaMenu.dll, dinput8.dll, and dinput.ini in your GTA directory.

-FirahGames a.k.a InteradeG
-Infamous Dev Team
-Mike Rohsoft/Gelox

This has too many features to list, but here are some:
Cool Features-
-Working Car Spawner with DLC cars
-TP to waypoint
-Money Drops (2k)
-Recovery Menu
-Outfit Changer
-IPLs(North Yankton, Porn Yacht, etc)
-Drop All

I FORGOT TO RENAME THE SudoMod.dll TO NovaMenu.dll, so if your menu doesnt work, RENAME IT! Case SeNsItIvE

Also, if you can't open the menu after that, try to install the Microsoft C++ Redistributal 2015 x64 AND x86.

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