Friday, December 9, 2016

MOD Bubble Island 2: World Tour [MEGA MOD] - VER. 1.3.6

Bubble Island 2: World Tour VER. 1.3.6

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1. Unlimited Lives
2. Unlimited Coins
3. Unlimited Boosters *To Unlock The 3 Boosters From The First Time Go To Its Specific Levels And Play Them, Once You Finished Restart The Game And Play Again, Same As For The Rest
4. Earn Unlimited Massive Resources When Playing Each Mission/Level
*Resources Are For Buying The Last Building On Each Mission/Level To Unlock The Next Region-Read Number 9 Below
5. Ultra Scores
6. Extended Lives Pack Bought
7. Features In Next Regions Cities Unlocked
8. All Cities Unlocked
9. All Cities Of Other Regions Unlocked
*Regions Unlocks when You Play Mission/Level 53 And The Last One On Each Region To Unlock The Next Region
10. (Coming Soon) Regions Already Unlocked At Next Updates
11. Faster Side-Power Meter Charge
12. HDR Cyan Enabled
13. City Deals And Trades Unlocked *You Only Have To Make Them
14. Construction Buildings Unlocked And Ready For Building On It *3 Factories
15. The 3 Factories Upgradable From Level 1 to 3 Max
16. Shops Buildings Unlocked/Bought
17. All Regions Co-Characters Unlocked
18. License Verification Removed
19. Wheel Of Fortune Unlocked
20. Unlimited Wheel Of Fortune Spins *Requires Watching Videos
Moves (Use From The Unlimited Coins To Buy)


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