Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Make GTA Great Again (MGGA) - 1.37 - Online - Mod Menu

Hello everyone. Myself and Gelox_ wanted to make GTA Great Again. During this process we decided to release a free menu to all to have fun with.


God Mode
Super Jump
Fast Run
Fast Swim
Change Wanted Level
Never Wanted (Works on Military Base)
Preset Locations and Waypoint

Weapon Options:
Give all Weapons
Remove all Weapons
No Reload
Explosive Ammo
Explosive Melee

Online Players:
Teleport To Player

Spawn In Vehicle
Spawn Maxed
Vehicle God Mode
Bike Seatbelt
Fix Vehicle
Max Upgrade
Vehicle Spawner
Vehicle Editor (Currently Wheels Type are unavailable)

World Options:
Set Time
Weather Type
Clear Near By Vehicles (Not Owned)

F8 Open - Num 8 Up - Num 2 Down - Num 5 Select - Num 4 Left - Num 6 Right - Num 0 Back

Download Now

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