Sunday, December 4, 2016

LoL Skin Tool supports all server - All skin Riot, PBE V6.23

Owning League Of Legends Skins in fact is a great thing, so I want to share my LOL skin tool and this tool completely secure, verify and enjoy it.

This version supports the entire League Of Legends (Garena/NA/EU/OCE/...) server completely simple and effective

- Assistance all the servers League Of Lengends in the world
- Pure skin tool with NO hack functions comply with RIOT's policy // No harms to other players, just bring the power of spirit
- Customize your champion with many skins from ours, leaguecraft, lolking
- No installation needed ( 1 time run to use )
- Find lol path and compatible with any lol version automatically
- No modifications on ORIGINAL client files ( all are set to default when closing tool )
- Easy to use with just some clicks
- Clean and relevant User Interface

Continuously updated versions compatible with the changes in the League Of Lengends
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to use: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. Run your client
2. Run skin tool ( LoL Skin.exe )
3. Choose your champion then champion's listed skin -> click "Activating or Name Skin"
4. Go gaming with my champion and enjoy, your desired skin would be loaded when starting

User interface:

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