Thursday, December 29, 2016

Guerilla SP Hack Only(9999%) PSF Special Force PlayPark

32 bit - Tested(Undetected)
64 bit - Not Tested(Maybe Detected)

-Guerilla SP 9999% (AUTO ON)

Note: If you don't have x2, x3, @cafe or SP boost item the SP hack won't work or won't be recorded (I'm getting tired of questions like "Is SP VISUAL?") Oh Please!

Note: SP Hack is gone after 1 game? Exit and Inject it again. EASY!

-Recommended ko to sa Single Battle,
-Wag tataasan ang Kills para di lumampas sa 5k (Hindi marerecord kapag lampas 5k and SP na nakuha mo)
-Dapat meron ka isa sa mga to (x2, x3, @cafe or SP Boost Item)


1. Download and Install (Choose)
For 32 bit users:
For 64 bit users:
2. Download:
3. Follow the Instructions in this TUT VIDEO

Note: Use at your own risk

Virus Scan: 

Dont Forget to click THANKS! ;)


  1. detected na po ba to? naDOwnload ko sya ee nakakkuha nama akong sp kaso di nakakabili HAHAHAHAH parang BUG ganun

  2. Link are broken. pls send a new link for this thankyou

  3. Dami netong virus eh kaya broken yung link. Tingnan niyo yung virus scan result.