Sunday, December 4, 2016

Grand Chase Hack Trigger [Undetected] Best way to get in without getting caught

Youtube Link guide on how to use it feel free to use a VPN there is a low chance of getting banned the GMs who maintains the private servers don't have any free time they hardly do their jobs LOL

Download link below

File is deemed safe its the same tool except with no ads so the tool will not freeze when loading it up
antivirus will think its a trojan but its not

Allow tool to get excluded on firewall aka allow app access to all ports

Step 1 Download thru link

Step 2 Extract to desktop

Step 3 Start up GC reborn

Step 4 run the hack trigger by going into the folder and running as Admin you'll see no ads on this telling you to watch kitten videos first

Step 5 login the game and have fun with this tool

Q: Will GMs ban me?

A: No the name change hack comes in handy for those wanting to avoid bans GMs in GC Reborn are lazy as fuck they won't ban despite the reports the users send out about you or live stream you be unbannable even when you put MOD after your name to mock the staff at GC Reborn

Q: Will I get IP Banned?

A: Same as before the GMs can't do shit the staff is poorly maintaining the game even when the staff thinks their server is secured LOL

Tested in GCH as well the Character hack won't work in GCH the reason due to different coding in the game data

Features are the same its undetected

Credits : blitz18 and someone else

Download Now

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  1. nag clo close po yung mismong grand chase pag nai open ko na yung hack

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