Wednesday, December 28, 2016

EXP REMOVER for PHC PUB HACK (For SP Farming Purpose)

What is the purpose?
-Remover of EXP so you will not be able to gain EXP and avoid ban.
-You will be able to obtain SP from PHC PUBLIC Hack w/o gaining more EXP.

Here's the link of PHC PUB Hack:


32 bit - Tested
64 bit - Not Tested(Maybe Detected)


1. Download and Install (Choose) <-For 32 bit users <-For 64 bit users

2. Download
3. Copy the EXPREMOVER.rar file to your SF Folder
4. Right Click the EXPREMOVER.rar file and click "Extract Here"
5. Notice will appear , click "Yes to all"
6. Go To xigncode folder
7. Delete xcorona.xem and xcorona_x64.xem
8. Start SF

Note: For SP Farming Purpose only

How to remove EXP REMOVER:
1. Download
2. Copy the Backup.rar file to your SF Folder
3. Right Click the Backup.rar file and click "Extract Here"
4. Notice will appear , click "Yes to all"

Virus Scan: 

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