Sunday, December 11, 2016

Crossfire Weapon Mods (NO TEXTURE)

Since today is my birthday,i'll release this mod, though reinstalled my crossfire earlier so most of my mods were deleted.

as the title says.... only 016, i probably won't upload but maybe i will.

Fast Reload
Fast LMB Attack(melee)
Fast RMB Attack(melee
Rapid Fire (slight)
Fast Switch(50%)
M4A1 <to> M4A1-Beast (Unreleased Weapon)
AK47 <to> M4A1-S-Iron Beast - Noble Gold
M4A1 Red Crystal <to> M4A1-S-Prism (Unreleased Weapon)
AWM <to> Barret Iron Shark (Unreleased Weapon)
Knife and NanoKnife <to> Lightning Rod(Unreleased Weapon)
Some weapons aren't physically or rather visually modified but
I put Fast Fire,Fast Knife and fast reload on some guns and melee
here are those guns:
Devil Terminator
Arch Devil Terminator
Devil Hunter
9a-91 Scorpius
and i think there's more...I just forgot -.-


Instructions: Download and extract rf016.rez
open rf016 using HxD
add v1.0 to rf016

Download Now
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