Sunday, December 18, 2016

AutoGlitch v2 - Special Force PlayPark SF1

Here's a Version 2 of my Autoglitch, Hope you like it! :D

-AutoGlitch(Walk and Shoot Through some Boxes, Cars, Towers etc.)

Maps Included:
*Bunker Buster
*Predator B
*Mushroom House(NEW)
*Horror NerveGas(NEW)
*Horror Shanghai(NEW)
*Horror Village(NEW)
*Horror Plasma(NEW)
*Horror Farm(NEW)
*Dark Castle(NEW)

Video Proof:

1. Download
2. Copy Auto-GlitchV2.rar to SF Folder
3. Right Click Auto-GlitchV2.rar and Click "Extract Here"
4. Notice Will Appear, Click "Yes"
5. Start Game!

Note: Use at your own risk

How to remove AutoGlitchv2:
1. Go to SF Folder, go to data folder
2. Go to area folder
3. Delete area_030.sff
4. You're done

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