Saturday, December 3, 2016

Amadeus Internal CSGO Cheat Wallhack Bunneyhop Crosshair Hack

Hello beautiful mpgh users, had this layin down on my driver. It was my (FIRST) truly internal csgo cheat decided to take a look to it, was shaking my head as how stupid/ghetto were the ways I did before. I have no use of it , enjoy.

I'm not going to release source, because it's ugly asf. If you are interested on knowing how stuff works feel free to add me on skype: eating.panda

Start CS before injecting, use your own injector. Menu key is INSERT

Undetected as of 11/30/2016 9:55 PM EST

(Menu was inspired by Nostalgia, old school )

Features: (nothing too fancy, pretty good for legit playing)

> Box
> Name
> Weapon
> Glow
> Weapon
> Healthbar
> Healthtext
> Skeleton
> Player Chams
> Entitys (dropped weapons, planted bomb, dropped bomb)
> Hitbox Dot
> NoHands


> Bunnyhop
> Recoil Dot
> Crosshair

Virus Scans:

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