Wednesday, November 2, 2016

WarRock Ph WALLHACK, WEAPON HACK & etc. [11-02-2016]
SUpDate - 10/02/2016
Warrock Philippines WallHack + Weapon Hack

Supported OS:
Windows Vista = Tested and Working Fine
Windows 7 32bit = Tested and Working Fine
Windows 7 64bit = Tested and Working Fine

1. Extract it into RaR
2. Run as Admin the Extreme injector
3. Open Warrock then Start Game

Note : Use Extreme Injector then , Manual Map
Inject Delay : 400
Delay Between : 400
Erase PE
Auto Inject

Start Secure Mode :)

Note : Do not forget to Run As Administrator Your Injector and WarRock

Not Working Extreme injector ?
Not Responding in Injecting?2

Note: if you are using 64bit OS, Download and install both VC2012 32/64 bit
you must Disable your DeepFreeze if you have.

ScreenShot in Game

-fLux , pceumel ,DrUnKeN ChEeTaH ,Mae, zDec , Mervin , Don'g Ricky

Don't forget to click Thanks :Dwarr

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