Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thread: GTA5O Health HotKeys

Thread: GTA5O Health HotKeys

I did NOT make this hack, all credit goes to LeeGT

Working v1.36 - LeeGT
These are just the main HotKeys that I use the most, so thought I would upload it.
I have been using this since v1.34 and not been banned. (I don't use any other hacks, but I do test them from time to time)
This Cheat Engine Table is not detected but I am not responsible if you got banned, use it at your own risk.

You will need : Cheat Engine 6.6

1. Open GTA V and go to GTA Online.
2. Open 'GTA5 1.36 Health HotKeys - LeeGT.CT' with Cheat Engine 6.6 and then open process list.
3. Select -GTA5.exe with gta5 icon (not -GTAVLauncher.exe).
4. Use HotKeys as you want.

numeric 1 = Restore Health
numeric 7 = Freeze Health (Partial GodMode)
numeric 8 = Un-Freeze Health

Freeze Health (Partial GodMode) - I find this much better than FullGodeMode as I do a lot of heists.
I don't want to look stupid or get reported when a car with 4 people gets blown up and I am left standing undamaged.

Virus Scans:

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