Thursday, November 24, 2016

League of Legends Internal Zoomhack | Auto-Inject | Auto-Update | Updated version


This is a simple Zoomhack that works even after update .

How to use?

1. Download Zoomhack.rar & extract it into folder

2. Put Zoomhack.dll here C:\Zoomhack\Zoomhack.dll ( You need to create Zoomhack folder into C:\ drive first )

3. Open League of Legends

4. Launch Zoomhack Auto-Inject.exe as Admin ( If you leave this open you dont need to re-open this everytime you join new match )

5. Join match

5. Press F1 to toggle ON/OFF

6. Enjoy


What is new?

-Fixed bug that caused this only work when your camera was locked to your champion

-You can leave this open for other matches

-Added information text that tells you what is happening on this program


Not working?

Post here your problem and i will try to help you.

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