Saturday, November 19, 2016

DireMenu V003 ~ GTA 1.36 [External Menu]

DireMenu V003 ~ GTA 1.36 [External Menu]

Supports Both SocialClub and Steam


- Fast Run (Customizable Multiplier In Menu)
- Fast Swim (Customizable Multiplier In Menu)
- Never Wanted
- Freeze Wanted
- Increase Wanted
- Decrease Wanted
- RP Loop
- Semi God Mode
- God Mode

- Gravity
- Fly Car ( Buggy )

- Numpad 7 : Open Menu
- Numpad2/8 : Up and Down in Menu
- Numpad 5 : Select Option in Menu
- Numpad 0 : Back
- Space : Fly Up
- Shift : Fly Down

Important Notes:
- I've been abusing the options on my 2 test accounts, getting reports on them and hoping to be banned, nothing yet, will update if they are banned.
- RP Loop : Can sometimes stop gaining RP, just go into a new session or drive around for a bit.

Future Updates MAY Include:
- Set Infinite Ammo

- Grab : For the DirectX overlay base
- BluhhBluhhTom : For tutorials on youtube
- MikeRohsoft : Helping with some offsets / addresses

If menu isn't showing:
Make sure your game is in Windowed, or Windowed Fullscreen.

Virus Scanner Links: 

Update Notes:
- V003 : Added God Mode \\ Added Freeze Wanted \\ Changed GUI \\ Added Gravity \\ Added Fly Car
- V002 : Fixed a serious bug I found \\ Please do NOT use V001 \\ No features added \\

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