Saturday, November 26, 2016

Crossfire RCC V0.05 Wallhack Superkill Fast Knife 360

Features and Hotkeys

Wallhack (F1)
SeeGhost (F2)
Anti KnockBack (auto)
No Bug Damage (auto)
Quick Change & Quick Reload (F6)
Fast Walk x1.4 (F7) (Deathtrap Map Only)
Fast Walk x4 (F8) (HMX RESORT Map Only)
Superkill Normal (F9) Turn on while in the lobby
Superkill Always HS Silver (F10) Turn on while in the lobby
Fast Knife & Knife 360 (Insert)

Fast Knife, Quick Reload, and Quick Change - Turn on while in the Login Screen to avoid Disconnected From Server
Ignore virus scan result, it's just a false positive coming from the injector I've been using to inject in Bugtrap.dll
Backup your BugTrap.dll located at your Crossfire Folder, then replace with this BugTrap.dll, Start crossfire.

Install VCRedist 2010, 2012 and 2013
.Net Framework 4.5.1



Virus Scan: 

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