Saturday, November 19, 2016



Knife - Ghost Knife
AWM - CHeytacM200
Deserteagle - D.E Obsidian beast
M4a1 custom red crys. - I forgot xD sry.
AK47 - AK47_S

INGAME Using Ghost Knife :

Wallframe credits: @xvirus007

This Mod is recommended for those who have slow internet.

Sorry file is too big to put viruscan but i a sure you that this file is 100% clean and working

File size is 190mb+

Password: MODCFPH

TIP: Use Internet Download manager

Instruction: Just Put the RF016.REZ in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Crossfire 2.0\rez"

Credits: @xvirus007 @jordanzxc2016 @joshuaSantos717 and other teams of MOD CFPH

Download Now

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