Friday, October 28, 2016

MOD Bleach Brave Souls VER. 3.5.0

MOD Bleach Brave Souls VER. 3.5.0 Android Hack Cheat Download

Hello guys here is the newest mod by me.

To use this mod u need to host your own co-op between a sub and main account to get this insta kill at co-op.
Since this is the best solution from brave souls ban hammer.
If you guys would get banned for some new random reason i wont take responsibility for it.
Either way have fun and lets waint for the quincy arc :D.

Also if u copy this from another forum please call this Deisuke mod and not mega mod.
Any questions about this mod or related to it come to the original source at

# Included cheats
1. Almost God mode at Co-Op
2.Insta Kill at Co-Op
3. No skill Cooltime
(dosent need a root detection change anymore)

Download Now

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