Friday, October 28, 2016

Flamin' hot cheetos | internal multi-hack [aimbot, skin changer, & more]

This was a fun project I worked on, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.
creds to: valve, hazed, kidua, and others that I may have missed (please let me know)

General Cheat Usage:
1. Download the cheat
2. Load into CS:GO using your preferred injector (some injectors will not work)
3. Press insert to launch the menu when you see the watermark on the top left corner

Once injected, the configuration files can be found at csgo//cfg//cheetos, relative from the directory csgo.exe resides in.

Press HOME to reload the config, press END to save the config.
Press DELETE to end the cheat.

Skin Changer Usage:
1. Open skinconfig.ini located at csgo//cfg//cheetos
2. Modify the values, skin identifiers can be found using google
3. Save the config, and press HOME to load the new changes (if injected)
4. The new skins be shown when buying from the shop, new knives will be loaded on map change

Knife Changer Values:
0 - Bayonet
1 - Flip Knife
2 - Gut Knife
3 - Karambit
4 - M9 Bayonet
5 - Huntsman Knife
6 - Falchion Knife
7 - Butterfly Knife
8 - Shadow Daggers
9 - Bowie Knife

- improved knife changer
- fixed major crashing bugs (map load and certain weapons)
- under the hood code improvement

Download Now

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