Thursday, October 6, 2016

elpresidente024 v.C-3 rev.1


in This release i just tried this kind of protection, thanks and credits for the recommendation for sir @FirstPromise™ also in this release, i added some functions of Crossfire DIPEngine(Player Color/Fullbright).
Fixed the "ESP C4", i also added the "C4DefuseTime" from "6s" - "3s", and this thing that idk what it is called so i just call it "UltraKill" credits goes to the owner of this vid and also thanks to @fjiafjai for sharing this, i just convert it to C++.

a mixed of "OHK", "AutoHead", "SuperKill" in one function. also this one don't call "Disconnected Server 70_34 since it's not a property of Weapon Class.

Please report if you encounter any issue's, specially this new feature(s) i added thanks.

NOTE for Conditions:
to use the "PlayerColor" you must make sure "FullBright" is "OFF", else it will just turn on the "FullBright"

for "UltraKill" you can only turn it "ON" and "OFF" in Lobby, i also disable the key to turn it ON and OFF In-Game. also Turning ON "UltraKill" will automatically turn OFF the "AutoHead" and "SuperKill" if this functions are turned ON

i forgot, i removed the splash screen in loader. i thought it was near November, i always forgot the "October" my birth month /arr
also please ignore that "PC2 5mins. left etc etc. from the vid test of SMG, i always use my Comp Shop's Server PC

For those who will encounter "Menu not Showing, please install DirectX9"

sorry for my bad vid.

"C4DefuseTime - i used 3sec."

Since the OHK have a client error for MachineGuns, ShotGuns, Handguns & SMG's you can only work OHK for Riffles. so i tried this UltraKill function for those weapons and here's the results:

For MachineGun: (Please test other kinds of MG's)

For ShotGun, Pistol, Riffle test( Please test also other weapons also )

For SMG: ( also Please test other kinds of SMG's thanks )


For the DLL, you need injector to Inject the DLL to "crossfire.exe".
For Loader, you just need to run it as "ADMIN" and press "Load Library" then start your CROSSFIRE.
also don't forget to turn OFF your Anti-Virus before using it.

Win7 32bit and 64bit = WORKING
Win8 32bit and 64bit = WORKING
Win10 32bit and 64bit = WORKING

thanks for those who test it:
@fianceve0806 , @mellyghib , @YuuJii

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