Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pokemon Go PTC Account Creator Auto Email Verification

Most of you guys heard TwinFuture has been lost for a while and the verification website is not going to work anymore.

I have two bots settled down for running 24/7 to let you guys keep using the PTC Account Creator.
If you like this sharing, please give me a thanks, that'a all i need :P

Special Thanks to Fadelol for the crack version of PTC account creator.

Change to
Once you done that. Your accounts will be verified in one minutes depends on how large the request got.
Note: I am not sure whether the original TwinFuture version works with my bot but definitely will make it work if you guys send those emails to me.

Email change【Currently Stopped; Verification bot still up】
PTC website finished fixing issues. Now players can change password and emails. However, if people request to change email. PTC will send an email to original email ask for confirmation. The other bots running 24*7 is used to get all changing email requests. What I am saying is if your account is associated with, you can change your email. Unfortunately, the changes of email is not showing up immediately, i am still testing that part out and will be updated.
next update: sent email immediately.

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  1. the pointed is when we make account creator with
    that was account already verified or we must changed email and do verified with manual again?

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