Friday, September 2, 2016

Playcheat PBBR Funcional 01/09 ATUALIZADO


Windows VISTA: Funcional
Windows XP: : Funcional
Windows 7: Funcional
Windows 8 e 8.1: Funcional
Windows 10: Funcional

PLAYER: Permite habilitar o Aimbot e Auto Start;​
ESP: Permite habilitar o ESP dos inimigos;​
WEAPON: Permite habilitar Crosshair e No Recoil;​


1 • PlayCheat.dll Lack, MSVCR100.dll - Download this DLL: Click here and paste in the hack folder or C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 or C: \ Windows \ System32 or install the AIO runtimes, select all the requirements and click in "installieren".
2 • Lack D3DX9_43.dll - Open the PB folder copy this dll and paste the hack folder.
3 • Detect - Click this link next to resolve this issue: Click here
4 • The Hack is awaiting PB - Update your PB clicking check.
5 • Solution black screen in the game, use these settings in the game: Click here
6 • Using Auto-UP: Read the tutorial.

7 • Hack not appear in the game - Put the game in windowed mode before you open the hack.


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