Thursday, September 1, 2016

NecroBot Forked v0.9.7

NecroBot Forked v0.9.7 Pokemon Go Hack Cheat Download

UPDATE v0.9.7
Spin pokestops if distance minor 30m

UseNearActionRandom - Prevent bot pattern
Google and MapQuest elevation service
Killswitch Monitor
Add Pokemon moves to Telegram /top command
Add auto-complete tutorial option

Lost subPath for multi bot
Fix for the bug where lured Pokemons aren't caught when using GPX
Fix logic with remove caught pokemon from spining list
MSniper JsonDeserialize bug

[PTC Login / Google]
[Get Map Objects and Inventory]
[Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns]
[Farm pokestops]
[Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood]
[Throw Berries/use best pokeball]
[Transfers duplicate pokemons]
[Evolve all pokemons]
[Throws away unneeded items]
[Humanlike Walking]
[Configurable Custom Pathing]
[Softban bypass]
[AutoUpdate / VersionCheck]
[Multilanguage Support]
[Use lucky egg while evolve]
[Egg Hatching Automatically]
[Multi bot support]
[Snipe pokemon]
[Power-Up pokemon]
[Telegram Remote Control Support]

Net Framework 4.6.2
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

Virus Scan
Virus Total
Virus Scan

If your NecroBot crashes, delete your config.json

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