Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mikes GTA H4x 1.35 [External Menu]

Teleport Options:
- Waypoint
- Fixed Points
- Player
- last used Car

Player Options:
- Heal
- Suicide
- Bullet Proof
- Godmode
- Ever Wanted
- Never Wanted
- Fast Run
- Fast Swim
- Kill all Peds (only work if you are the Host or alone in the Zone)

Vehicle Options:
- Hide / Restore (only work if you are the Host or alone in the Zone)
- Destroy Engine
- "Godmode" (it's buggy ^^)
- Gravity

Weapon Options:
- God Bullets
- No Recoil
- No Spreed
- Fast Reload
- No Reload
- Freeze Ammu

F5: Show Menu
Control Menu with: UP, DOWN, ENTER and ESC, for changing Gravity Factor LEFT and RIGHT
F6: Teleport to Waypoint
F9: Save Coords to Clipboard

You can change all Settings and create other Hotkey Functions by config.xml
Modifiy the Menu by menu.xml

How to use it:
Extract all Files in a Folder.
Start it if GTA is full loaded.
The Menu will only displayed in Game on Window Mode.
It will close if you close GTA.

You use it at your own Risk 

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