Thursday, September 29, 2016

elpresidente024 v.C-3

elpresidente024 v.C-3 Crossfire Philippines Hacks Cheat Download

Finally Granted: thank you sir @FirstPromise™

the A-3 uses: Menu with navigation of Keyboards(left, right, top, bottom) keys,
also there is the No Menu version that can be toggle On and Off using Keys F1-F5,F9-F10
today this one is a Menu base using Mouse Navigation Only.

also this one i added my proj. with my old loader for those who's having a hard time using injectors. i also added the DLL for those who can't use the loader since i just test it with Windows 7 32bit and Windows 10 32bit also. please test it with a dummy thank you.

also in this version:
Fixed Lag Spikes:
Finally Fixed The so called "No Bug Damage"
Credits: @ComboDance , found the missing piece because of the CFPH addy loggs he posted.
thank you sir.

all of the features in the "Weapon" Folder of the Menu can be Turn On and OFF,
A simple TIP:
i did remove No-Recoil function for those who want's to "Play Safe"
you can use the "Add Zoom" to replace the "No Recoil" since zooming your weapons will automatically a "No Recoil" for Range Combats, use the Super Kill for Melee Combats to make sure you hit the enemies.

You can only do Glitch UnderMap in "Black Widow" for "FFA" and "TD", Glitching UnderMap in DM mode for this map will cause error.

HOW TO(For Loader):

Sample Video:

Screen Shots

Download Links:
for Loader:

for DLL only:
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