Monday, September 26, 2016


 Updated cheat on CSGO
not palitsya VAK
easy to give in to the tune of
Huge functionality to help cheaters bl * Th!

Different can be but maybe even 10 minutes will update Vac and cheat so here is palitsya site before starting the reader see the latest updates Vac.
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GlowESP  :  Normal GlowESP (WallHack), everyone knows that, but is customizable.
You can change the color settings.
The Radar  :  You can see enemies on the radar, but only if they are near you.
BunnyHop  :  Clamp keys Space (blank).
NoFlash  :  You did not throw when gadflies "Stick" (Light Grenades).
TriggerBot  :  I think everything has already raced with the triggered reporting, so they know.
You can adjust the delay.
DelayTriggerBot  :  It uses randomdelay, which means that he will shoot enemies through various delays each time making it more legitimate.
NoRecoil (PBC)  :  No more return, you just need to press the button.
Burstfire :  Number of bullets for shooting and the delay between them.
SlowAim  : Stops or slows the sensitivity, when your sight focused on a foe.
(In SlowAim near a line of 1-3, there choose your mouse sensitivity. .)
Aimbot :  Aim, you can choose which part will shoot.
The Visibility :  With ESP as the enemy changes its color.
Other functions, test yourself, I have not had time to try them out!



 Download cheat
Extract to Desktop
Hit Settings - Video settings
In the tab, choose Full Screen Display Mode window
Run cheat
Start the game matter mm or plain
We press in Chita Start
Choose Your function Cator you need
After pressing will be a small peak which means that cheat kerf.


Download Now

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