Thursday, September 8, 2016

Crossfire Hack V2 Release !

Change log v2:
+ Added Aimbot
+ Added Unlimit Bag (Key B)
+ Added Always Headshot
+ Added No Fall Damage
+ Added Super Kill

For V3 release i'll add some feature:
+ Less Recoil
+ One hit kill
+ Fast Knife
+ Knife 360
+ No Nade Damage
+ No Smoke and Flash
+ No Bug Damage

Notice : 
- Need to use with XTrap Bypass. ( why i didnt add xtrap into my hack because my method xtrap different and i dont want they detected my hook ! )
- If the aimbot points on a different position, try play game with fullscreen mode !
- Make you sure your injector run as admin
- Browse dll bypass first.
- It's Not work for some windows OS version, sorry about that !!

Download Now

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  1. add mo rin yung normal m4a1 to m4a1 jewelry VIP at awm to awm infernal dragon at rpk at thompson at ak47 at de at all character to VIPER at yung auto glitch anti kick
    may cheat kasi ako nagawang ganyan dati pero tinigil ko na dahil na hack detected

    Sana bukas na matapos yan aasahan ko yan!

  2. sana di ma detect yung cheat kasi kanina na detect ako gamit ko naman ang Xtrap bypass na sinabi mo na banned 1 star ko !

  3. pre wag ka gumamit ng xtrap bypass bawal yun nadedetect yun ng cf na third party tsaka keylogger yun