Thursday, September 1, 2016

Catch 'em Bot v1.4.9.3 || Lunat1q/Catchem-PoGo

Catch 'em Bot v1.4.9.3 || Lunat1q/Catchem-PoGo Pokemon Go Hacks Cheats Download

CustomRoute resuming, Transfer fixes, stability fixes

More cleanup and bug fixes

1. Now bot resume the custom route from the nearest waypoint!
2. Transfer bugs fixes, should work better now.
3. Now if u have no pokeballs in the inventory, bot will not remind it every seconds, he will collect 10 before trying to catch something.
4. Manual maintence sequence, click the button at player tab to start this sequence (bot will do it as soon as he became ready)

5. Minor fixes in logic and UI

Virus Scan



Credits to Lunat1q & Feroxs

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