Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bleach Brave Souls - VER. 3.3.0 MOD

Bleach Brave Souls - VER. 3.3.0 MOD APK ANDROID HACK


Playstore link : 

Hello guys here i rushed and made a mod for the 3.3.0. I hope u guys like this and also credit me if u guys
post it on other website. Also people who are using version 2 i made a poll where i wounder if u guys want god mode at co-op or not

Version 1.
1. No root detection
2.God mode
3. Cheat detection bypass
4. No skill Cooldown
5. Infinity Soul Bombs

Version 2
1. No root Detection
2. God Mode works both at Co-op and Single events (should not work at pvp)
3. No skill Cooldown
4. Infinity SoulBombs
5.Insta Kill both single and co-op

Download Now
Version 1

Version 2
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