August 9, 2016

Updated Haxton Bot 250-1000k Exp/H Pokemon Go

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Updated Haxton Bot 250-1000k Exp/H Pokemon Go

you got to much errors or problems with the very fast Haxton bot?
Here is the new Version of this bot with less errors.

For more Exp you can try to change the coords int the "LocationsToCycle.cfg"

New York
Central Park : 40.764871, -73.9734972

Myrtle Beach : 33.714451, -78.877194

San Francisco : 37.779669924659004,-122.41138458251953

Santa Monica : 34.012257773782864,-118.49441528320311

Shinjuku Chuo Park : 35.6894568822069,139.69079732894897

Tokyo Disneyland : 35.633511709084274,139.87992525100708

Hong Kong : 22.285661566028704,114.15020227432251

Sydney Hyde Park : 22.285661566028704 114.150202274322


Credits to Sytharix who made all of this possible for us

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