Saturday, August 20, 2016

PokeFarmer: 1.0 Build 109 [Cracked]

PokeFarmer: 1.0 Build 109 [Cracked] Pokemon Go Hacks Bots Download

PokeFarmer: 1.0 Build 109

SHA256: d584f254f38007dfed2829d5f571c76d405216daba994456e8 4d02b7d21660de
VirusTotal -> 4d02b7d21660de/analysis/1471643702/

Image ->

How to use: Extract, Run Patched exe

Changelog 08/19/2016 (Build 109)
Fixed: Disappearing of Pokemon with negative timestamps.
New Feature: Enabled multi selection in My Pokemon UI
Changed: Rows in My Pokemon UI has a larger height now.
Changed: Grid lines are visible in My Pokemon UI now.
Changed: Columns with number values in My Pokemon UI are right aligned now.
Security/Changed: Transfering takes now time and is not instant anymore.
Security/Changed: Recycling takes now time and is not instant anymore.
Security/Changed: Catching multiple Pokemon at once takes now time and is not instant anymore.
New Feature: Automatically receive level rewards now.
New Feature: Russian translation added.
New Feature: Spanish translation added.
New Feature: Turkish translation added.
Fixed: Gyrados candies are correct now.

Credits: lloyd684

"It's problem with bot. HatchingEgg is working on fix" wait a new update

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