Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.5 *Preset up for Necrobot v0.7.5*

PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.5 *Preset up for Necrobot v0.7.5* Pokemon Go

PogoLocationFeeder is preset up for NecroBott v0.7.0

I've only used necrobot so I dont know if it works for others

1.edit config.json in the config folder for necrobot
2.make sure these settings are correct

"UseSnipeOnlineLocationServer": true,
"UseSnipeLocationServer": false,
"SnipeLocationServer": "localhost",
"SnipeLocationServerPort": 16969,
"GetSniperInfoFromPokezz": true,
"GetOnlyVerifiedSniperInfoFromPokezz": true,
"MinPokeballsToSnipe": 100,
"MinPokeballsWhileSnipe": 0,
"MinDelayBetweenSnipes": 60000,
"SnipingScanOffset": 0.013,
"SnipeAtPokestops": true,
"SnipeIgnoreUnknownIv": false,
"UseTransferIvForSnipe": false,
"SnipePokemonNotInPokedex": false,

3. Extract PogoLocationFeeder into any folder
4. Start Necrobot
5. Start PogoLocationFeeder

Make sure that's set in your configuration for nercrobot, if you don't then it will not work. It's possible to get soft banned more often so use with caution. I wouldn't recommend using your main account with it but it's up to you.

Added v0.1.5 and edited the file names for v0.1.4. The configs are the same
I recommend removing Pok├ęGO- RARE SPOT & Chat! in the discord_channels.json. mostly trolls

Download Now
Link: https://userscloud.com/m1la0sojaahi


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