Monday, August 8, 2016

Crossfire Indonesia Hack Cheat 7 - 9 Agustus 2016 Update

Crossfire Indonesia Hack Cheat 7 - 9 Agustus 2016 Update 


See Ghost
No Recoil
Auto Headshot
No Reload
Max Area Hit
Fly H4ck
Jump H4ck
Speed Knife
Katana For Zombie
M16 Replace Dual Uzzi
Knife Replace AssasinKnife
Esp Name
Esp Distance
Esp Box
Esp Box 3D
Esp Health
Esp Skeleteon
ESP Have C4

How To Use

d0wnl0ad and extract File
Open/Run As Admin MrsnapzNet
Click Browse DLL and select Bugtrap.dll
Click Give Point Ready for use !
 Start Game

Menu automatic show  [Just ingame ]
Before d0wnl0ad Must Install Deepfreze or
d0wnl0ad Adwcleaner , click scan and clean after download for avoid adware
Setting to basic your homepage browser

Read Before Use !!!!

Settingan Injector Pastikan Sama Dengan Petunjuk

TIP : Penggunaan JumpH4ck & Flyh4ck Jangan berlebihan dan jangan di map EGYPT

Gunakan Max Area Hit Untuk Kill Bugger !!

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