Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Catch'em Bot V1.4.4.1 - Lunat1q

Catch'em Bot V1.4.4.1 - Lunat1q Pokemon Go Hacks Cheats Bots Download

PTC / Google Login
Get Map Objects and Inventory
Live map showing Pokéstops and farming path
Search for Pokéstop
Farm Pokéstops
Farm all Pokémon in the neighbourhood
Evolve Pokémon
Transfer Pokémon
Powerup Pokémon
Auto-Recycle uneeded items
View all Pokémon CP/IV %
Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokémon
Output level and needed XP for levelup
Output Username, Level, Stardust, XP/hour, Pokémon/hour in Console Title
Automatic use of Razzberries
Automatic incubation
And more!


Google Directions API added
UI elements to handle routing services
Fixed maxDistance for non-Discovery pathing
Fixed MapzenAPI usage, reduced it's usage per second
Fixed not to catch pokemon checkbox
Fixed google/ptc switch
Proper level label update in the bot's list
Minor UI and code fixes

Please, recheck your settings tab before starting the bot.

Virus Scan:

Please wait for admin approval before posting that download is not working.

Download Now
Here: https://userscloud.com/xdsd8mf9re47

Try first on dummy account, to avoid ban!

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