Sunday, August 21, 2016

Catch'em Bot V1.4.3.0 - Advanced GUI & Easy Setup - Lunat1q

Catch'em Bot V1.4.3.0 - Advanced GUI & Easy Setup - Lunat1q Pokemon Go Bots Hacks Cheats

What is Catch'em Bot?
Pokemon Go bot based on PokeMobBot project.
Advanced and easy to use GUI.
Sort, favourite, rename, transfer and level up your pokemon from the GUI.
In depth settings to configure your bot to your exact needs.
Modern GUI with real time information.
Real time map with information such as pokemon, poke stops and player position.
Multiple bot capabilities. Easily run and manage multiple bots on the go.

PTC / Google Login
Get Map Objects and Inventory
Live map showing Pokéstops and farming path
Search for Pokéstop
Farm Pokéstops
Farm all Pokémon in the neighbourhood
Evolve Pokémon
Transfer Pokémon
Powerup Pokémon
Auto-Recycle uneeded items
View all Pokémon CP/IV %
Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokémon
Output level and needed XP for levelup
Output Username, Level, Stardust, XP/hour, Pokémon/hour in Console Title
Automatic use of Razzberries
Automatic incubation
And more!

Setup Guide
Download the zip from below, extract and open the folder.
Run the executable file (.exe).
Add new bot and click it.
Press the settings button and configure your settings (location, login, pokemon, items and device).
Start the bot and enjoy.

Make sure to use safe and human like settings to prevent any bans! Going too fast or teleporting will eventually flag your account.

Useful Information
Official bot Discord Server:
Credits: All credits to the bot developers and creators, Lunat1q and PokeMobBot.
Pokemon Go Server Status:
Pokemon Go Sniping Website:

Version Changelog
You can select your team from UI now, click PokeBall image at the Information tab
Rename pokemon from UI
GymIcon of pokemons in GYM
Refresh pokemon list moved to the button at the bottom
Added new sorting
PokeStop "softban" unban disabled for discorvery pathing, so it will just skip pokestop instead
Added 10% chance to miss with pokeball
Added routine to retrieve info about nearby GYMs from time to time
Minor fixes
Minor UI rework

Virus Scan
Virus Total: 
Virus Scan Jotti: 

Download Now
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