Friday, August 12, 2016

[BS EU] Electro Hack V2

[BlackShot EU] Electro Hack V2

--- > BlackShot EU < ----

->Infinity Buy Time
->Teleport [2]
->Ghost Mode [Beta]
->Anti Kick
->Fly Hack
->No Recoil
->Rapid Fire
->No Spread
->Fix Aim
->Silencer Only
->Scope Only
->Scope + Silencer
->Speed Hack
->Sniper Mode
->Rifle Mode

->Teleport [1] Save - ArrowUp
->Teleport [2] Save - ArrowDown
->Teleport [1] Load - ArrowLeft
->Teleport [2] Load - ArrowRight

->Anti Kick - F1
->Silencer Only - F5
->Scope Only - F6
->Scope + Silencer - F7
->Normal Speed - F8
->xNormal Speed - F9
->Medium Speed - F10
->Ghost Mode [ON] - Insert
->Ghost Mode [OFF] - Home
->FireRate - Insert
->Rapid Fire - Home
->Rifle Mode - PageUp
->Sniper Mode - PageDown

->Infinity Buy Time - Auto
->No Recoil - Auto
->No Spread - Auto
->Fix Aim - Auto


->Press the hotkey to ON and OFF .
->Sry because Im a little buzy to add more features so Im just updated It .

->Download Electro Loader and Electro.ver .
->Place Electro Loader and Electro.ver In the same folder .
->Login BlackShot .
->Press Alt + Tab .
->Run Loader as admin .
->Appear MsgBox .

->Redist 2015 . Click HERE to download .


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Electro Loader
Electro Hack

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