July 2, 2016


Watch our Clan Wars Replay and How to Cheat Tutorial



"Weapon:" and "Knife:" - Select what weapon/knife's skin you will change.
"Skin" - The custom skin/paint kit you want.
"Name:" - The custom name you want. ( Works like a Name Tag )
"StatTrak" - Enables/Disables the kill counter. ( You can set how many kills to display under this checkbox )
"Seed:" - The seed used to generate the skin. ( Play around with this for skins like Case Hardened )
"Wear:" - The weapon's exterior quality.
-------"As float" - Be more precise with the weapon's exterior quality. ( 0.f being the best and 1.f being the worst )
"Slot:" - The sticker slot you want to edit.
"Name:" - The sticker name you want.
"Wear:" - The sticker's scratchiness.




How to use this:

Get an Injector *I've been using Extreme Injector*
Go into the game and click "~" to open up the console
And just wait for it to say "Injected"

1q. Can I get VAC banned for using this?
1a. Always assume that you will get VAC banned for using a public cheat.

2q. Can others see my skins/knife/stickers?
2a. No.

Download Now
Link: https://userscloud.com/hg09d8pywha9


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