Friday, July 22, 2016

NA EU BR ES Crossfire Hack Updated 22/07/2016

 BR Crossfire Hack Updated 22/07/2016

When you guys open the hack will show this window there vc open cf


be appear this  message license expired  

and are back to our site and downloads the hack

again that the hack will return to  work

and be happy


No Recoil 


Super Kill 

ESP Name 

ESP Alies 

ESP Enemies 

when you click Download Here

it will show up

this window 

Login: weslleycsasc

Password: weslley123

Login: juniosc12345

Password: juniosc123456


Password: skull12

when you guys log will show this window 

vcs press the button Download  

will appear this window

ai and simpler guys choose crossfire br  

and presses there will automatically downloads



Additional credits:


skull Cheat

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