Friday, July 15, 2016

How To Get Pikachu in Pokemon Go

How To Get Pikachu in Pokemon Go

If you are one of the Pokemon lovers, must have been familiar with Pokemon named Pikachu . Pokemon Pikachu was the 25th of the first generation of Pokemon Pokemon are included in the class of type Electric (Electric) . Although not included in the class of the legendary Pokemon, Pokemon yellow is becoming one of the Pokemon are quite famous.

In addition, Pikachu is also presented in the games that are famous lately Pokemon Go . For you who are interested to get in the game Pikachu Pokemon Go? Here I will give you the steps to earn while playing the game Pokemon Pikachu Go.

Getting Pikachu in Pokemon Go


Various Pokemon The First Generation
Before starting the steps to get Pikachu, make sure you use the new account . Because in this way can only be done for new accounts only. To you who are playing Pokemon Go, how to get Pikachu can not be done.
How To Get Pikachu in Pokemon Go

At the beginning of the game, will appear three Pokemon.

Go Pokemon Go on Android or iOS you. If you have not played or download Pokemon Go, you can read the following article: How to Download Pokemon Go in Indonesia

Do not take one last Pokemon. Street a few steps until the third Pokemon earlier.


Do as much as 4 times. In appearance to 5, automatically Pokemon Pikachu can already


That's the way to get Pikachu in Pokemon Go. Another way to get Pikachu is to break an egg and also appear randomly on the streets. If you have another way to find Pikachu, you can share in the comments field. Good luck!

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