July 29, 2016

CFPH No Menu Hack Crosshair PlayerESP bone line box NoRecoil etc

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CFPH No Menu Hack Crosshair, PlayerESP bone, line, box, NoRecoil, etc.


Crosshair on/off - Insert button
PlayerESP Bone - Auto
PlayerESP Line - Auto
PlayerESP Box - Auto
Anti Grenade Damage - Auto
Anti Smoke - Auto
Anti Flash - Auto
Anti Knockback - Auto
NoWeaponRecoil - Auto
NoBulletSpread - Auto

ow to use:
1. download the file.
2. copy and replace the BugTrap.dll with the new one at your crossfire game folder directory.
2. Start crossfire.

Will Work in all versions of Windows.
don't forget to back up the original BugTrap.dll.
disable your antivirus temporarily.
this cheat doesn't need any injector.

Good luck players!


Download Now
Here: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/413d3ff7

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