July 7, 2016

Cfmasterz V3 OFFLINE PvP Server!

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Hi everyone !!
Fired after we remove the CF v2 v3 cfmasterz the new version by going to the name change! Please read good writing do not need to take the admins to post again!

-First Of all this is worth an Online PvP Server!
There is no need to open my bill!
 -ID: Cf PW: cf (GAME IN)

What has changed?
- English translation works out to 80%
We did -Bot names Turkish
We remove most of -Errors.
-New VIP weapons added.
-blackmarket bugs have been fixed.
We added -New skins.
-2.0 Update, we have added plug-ins.
-Rütb Are changed.
We have added maps of kaldırdık.yeni got problems.
* We've added the Boating playing game system .If starting INVITE getiremezsseniz..oy making these boots in the console  press bot_add_t or bot_add_ct warm.

RAR Password: cfmasterz

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