Monday, July 18, 2016

[BS EU] Teleport + TeleFlag + Ghost Mode + Anti-Kick

[BS EU] Teleport + TeleFlag + Ghost Mode + Anti-Kick

Hi , This is Simple hack for BS EU . Use at your own risk !


-Teleport [2] Save
-Infinity Buy Time
-Ghost Mode
-Fly Hack

-Teleport Save[1] - ArrowUp
-Teleport Save[2] - ArrowDown
-Teleport Load[1] - ArrowRight
-Teleport Load[2] - ArrowLeft
-Ghost Mode [ON] - Insert
-Ghost Mode [OFF] - Home
-Anti-Kick - Delete
-Infinity Buy Time - Auto
-Fly Hack - Numpad +

-Ball Room - Numpad 1
-The Hunting - Numpad 2
-Sand Storm I - Numpad 3
-Broken City - Numpad 4
-Xitang - Numpad 5
-Core Project - Numpad 6
-Cargo Ship - Numpad 7


->Download & Install Redist 2015 x86 only . Click HERE .


✐Red Hunter
✐Cyrax Sector

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