July 22, 2016

[BlackShot EU BIGHEAD] + Telekill + Teleport + TeamESP + Damage x10... x86 x64

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[BlackShot EU BIGHEAD] + Telekill + Teleport + TeamESP + Damage x10... x86 x64

How to use?
First, fix the files to prevent Game hack detected in few minutes
After "Puma.flt" and "Tiger.des"...

1. Paste "Puma" and "Tiger" on BlackShot\System\
2. Paste "BIGHEAD" file on BlackShot\Data\
3. Open your game and enjoy!

Public method of injection by: @trysk And @shazam

Hack Features
* BigHead = Auto
* Telekill = Insert [ON] / Delete [OFF]
* Teleport = Number 1,2 = Save / 4,5 = Load
* TeamESP = Auto
* Unlimited Buy Time = Auto
* Ghost Mode = Auto
* Speed Hack / Damage 10x = Auto
* Fly Hack = Space

BigHead is automatic (But if you have problem with any body without pink you can check the Warning guia to fix)

Warning guia: If you have problem with travis body 1 or with other body look this steps

1. Go to any server, click on Settings > change the ghaphyc quality to High or Mid, after click in Confirm
2. Back to server list, go to Settings again and check all characters, if you have problem yet, go to step 1 again
3. Enjoy


Credits Tabajara solutions
@bengaludo @kim.Jong @*Ben10* @Minerva

Use at your own risk

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