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Always Updated DXCheats Public #Chams,ESP,Jump,ZombieOPK#

Always Updated DXCheats Public #Chams,ESP,Jump,ZombieOPK#

Feature list:

Feature list:

Chams - A colored chams (you can choose between two colors).
Wallhack - Enemys are visible thru the walls.
No Fog - Removes all fog from your map.
Full Bright - Lighter player.
Cross Hair - Puts a crosshair in the middle of your screen (with different color options).


Aimbot - Enabling and disabling this feature will quickly turn your aimbot ON or OFF.
Bone - Advanced bone detection that allows you to check of the part of the body you want to aim for with a diagram.
Key - Lets you choose a key that activates your aimbot (Doesn't work with auto aim).
EnemyOnly - Only aims at enemies.
VisibleOnly - Only aims for players visible to you (doesn't aim for players through walls).
SmoothAim - Decreases the speed at which the aimbot twitches your character.

[Ghost Aimbot]

Ghost Aimbot - Enabling and disabling this feature will quickly turn your ghost aimbot ON or OFF.
Range - Set the range where the enemies die.

[3D Radar]

Enemy only - Only shows you ESP information about enemies.
Name - Shows you player names.
Health - Shows player health using bars.
3D Box - Draws boxes around the players.
Sekeleton - Display a skeleton to the players.
Edge Box - Display a edge box to the players.
Mark Head - Display a dot on players head.
Distance - Gives you your distance to players on the map.
Snapline - Draws a line from you to the players on the map.

Vehicle Name - Shows you vehicles names.
Vehicle Health - Shows vehicles health using bars.
Vehicle Box - Draws boxes around the vehicles.
Vehicle Line - Draws a line from you to the vehicles on the map.

Radar - Draws a 2D radar at your screen.
Move Radar - You can moving the radar with your mouse.
Enemy only - Only shows you radar information about enemies.


Jump - Makes you jump several times higher.
No Fall-Damage - No damage if you falling from high grounds.
Speed Hack - Increases your speed.
Invisible - Not visible anymore for other players.
SelfKill - Instant die.
Fast Spawn - No more waiting time before you can spawn again.
Fly - No Clip
Auto Health - Auto healing if you get damage.
A.I Invincible - Zombies cant do damage to you except explosive damage.
Teleport - Teleport you to position that you saved.


Select User - You can select any user in your room.
Follow User - Teleport to the selected user and follow him.
Medic User - Heal the selected user.
Ammo User - Refill the ammo from selected user.
Remote Kill Nade - Kill the selected user with granate.
Ghost Kick - Kick the selected user as ghost vote.
Telekill - Teleport behind the enemys.
OnePositionKill - All users on positions 0,0,0.
Zombie OnePositionKill - You can save a position where all zombies get teleported.
Auto Heal Team - Heals your entire team.
Auto Ammo Team - Refill the ammo of your entire team.
Remote Kill All Nade - Kills the entire enemy team instant with granate.
Select Vehicle - You can select any vehicle in your room to see infos about it.
Repair Vehicle - Repairs the selected vehicle.
Join Vehicle - You join the selected vehicle (doesnt work if a enemy is inside).
Destroy Vehicle - The selected vehicle gets destroyed.
Destroy All Vehicles - All vehicles on the map gets destroyed.


No Recoil - Removes all recoil from your gun.
Super No Spread - Removes all spread from your weapon.
Auto Ammo - Refills you ammo.
Quick Plant/Defuse - Bomb gets planted/defused within 1 second.
Defuse Anywhere - Possible to defuse the bomb from any position on the map.
Plant Anywhere - Possible to plant the bomb from any position on the map.
No Reload - Shooting without reloading.
Umlimited Ammo - Never ending ammo.
No first slot range - You can use first slot weapons from any range against the enemys.
No Weapon Weight - Running fast with heavy weapons.


Zero Delay - Shooting very fast with all vehicle weapons.
No Overheat - Weapons doesnt over heat.
Unlimited Ammo - Never ending vehicle ammo.
Auto Repair - Repairs your vehicle automatically.


GM-Warning - Warning if a GameMaster spectating your room (doesnt work if he join on the normal way!).
Anti AFK - No kick if you are afk.
No Bounds - Remove the boundaries if you outside of the map.
All Slots - Open all slots.


Powerleveling Bot - Starts automatically plant and defusing the bomb (You need a room with minimum 2 players!).
Kill Nade Bot - Starts automatically killing the enemy (You need a room with minimum 2 players!).
Make No Damage - Own player doesnt do damage with first slot weapons anymore.
Auto Team Switch - Automatically switching team after every round.
Auto Start - Starts the game automatically.
Auto Ready - Press ready in lobby automatically.
Auto Set Weapon - Possible to choose weapon which the player select if he spawn.
Auto Enter - Press enter key automatically.
Auto Plant - Automatically planting the bomb.
Auto Defuse - Automatically defusing the bomb.

How to use:

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