June 26, 2016

Update now!!! Crossfire PH RU Hack Cheat

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Update now!!! Crossfire PH RU Hack Cheat

Turn off Antivirus. It’s cause the cheat don’t work anymore.
Working fine with M16/M4A1 – Another weapons is unknown…(Yet test)
Functions: Grabe Ung Delay Ng Cheat namen ang hirap
- WallHack na kase mag lagay ng files pasensya napo eto
- Show Ghost napo ulet ung link :D
- No Recoil
- No Reload
- No Weapons Weight (MiniSpeed)
- No Nade Damage
- One Hit Kill
- Always Headshot
- Weapon Hack
Notes: Work for TDM Only.
- WallHack
- Show Ghost
- No Recoil

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