Monday, June 27, 2016

[ Poly Hack ] Dank Poly v1.9

[ Poly Hack ] Dank Poly v1.9

Just updated the offsets! (06/24/16)


ESP [F1 to Toggle]
Trigger Bot [F2 to Toggle]
(Triggerbot does not have a hold key on DEFAULT, SET IT YOUR SELF)
No Recoil [F3 to Toggle]
No Flash [F4 to Toggle]
Radar [F5 to Toggle]
Bunny Hop [F6 to Toggle]
Panic Key [F7 to exit]
FOV Changer [Enter value in Dank Settings.ini]

How do I change the settings?
Just look for the Dank Settings.ini in the folder of where the .exe file is.
For settings such as Hold Key, Friendly Fire, and randomize... Setting it to 0 will disable this feature.

How do I change the hold key for Triggerbot?
Go HERE and look for the key codes of your desired key, for example, if you want to use ALT as your hold key, type 0x12 right next to Hold Key.

How to use?
#1 Download Merccy's PolyLoader here (But make sure you have this installed!)
#2 Run PolyLoader as administrator.
#3 Select Dank Poly
#4 Compile it.
#5 Run the exe given to you while CSGO is open!

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