Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Point Blank PH Cheat June 2016


Remove Smoke
Remove Fog
Crosshair (More Color)
Remove Recoil
Rank Hack [client side]
God Mode [AI]
No Recoil
Fast Shoot
Esp Head
Esp Line
Esp Box
Esp Skeleteon
Special Aimbot
Set Aimbot [Headshoot - Damage]
Hide Menu Key
Move Menu
Exit Key


How To Use
1. Put and replace zlib1.dll at : Folder Game
SAMPLE : E:\Game\Pointblank\Free\GarenaPB\GameData\Apps\PointblankFolder
2. Start game

IF want Play game without hack you must delete zlib1.dll at folder Game
Press F1 to hide/show menu , Up and down arrow keys to navigate and left and right to turn on/off


Download Now


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  3. not working.... it says EXPIRE :(