Monday, June 20, 2016

Fullhack PBPH,PBSG,PB US[Piercing Blow],other PB Rev

Fullhack PBPH,PBSG,PB US[Piercing Blow],other PB Rev

No Smoke and Fog
Esp Name and HP
No Recoil
No Reload
Bug Noclip (Hot)
Magnet (Hot)

Working 100%
Windows 7 32 bit Test 100%
Point Blank PH
Point Blank SG
Point Blank US [Piercing Blow]
Other Point Blank Rev [ I not know pb rev country ]

Credited by:
Mr.snapz / Andri Monk
YLAS / Yongkie

How to use :
Go to Folder PointBlank version Example: D:\GarenaPBSG\gamedata\Apps\PB
Backup file zlib1.dll to zlib1.dll.bak
Copy and Paste to file zlib1.dll downloaded to folder pb
Start Lanchuer PB , Note "Are you Enable ESP ?" select yes or not

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