Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BlackShot SEA - Simple V2.3

☢BlackShot SEA - Simple Hack V2.3

►Mastery All Weapon [BD]
►Score+Kill Hack[BD]
►Teleport [5Saved]
►God Mode [Host]
►Unlimited Grenade [Host]
►Unlimited Ammo [Host]
►255ExpBp [8x8]
►GG-Beta Bypass
►Ghost Mode

►UnlimitedBuyTime - Auto
►Teleport Saved[1] - ArrowUp
►Teleport Saved[2] - ArrowDown
►Teleport Saved[3] - Numpad4
►Teleport Saved[4] - Numpad5
►Teleport Saved[5] - Numpad6

►Teleport Loaded[1] - ArrowLeft
►Teleport Loaded[2] - ArrowRight
►Teleport Loaded[3] - Numpad1
►Teleport Loaded[4] - Numpad2
►Teleport Loaded[5] - Numpad3

►Mastery All Weapon - F5
►Unlimited Grenade - F1
►Unlimited Ammo - F1
►Score+Kill Hack - F5
►255ExpBp - Insert
►GG-Bypass - F10
►God Mode - F1
►Ghost Mode - F7
►TeamESP - Insert
►Anti-Voted - Delete
►Fly - Numpad+


utorial For Mastery
►Create BD Room , Check Mastery . Start Game . In Match Press F5 & Kill Using All Types Of Weapon About 45/60 Sec Then Leave Match . Check Mastery .


►Inject At Character Selection / Server Selection / Lobby
►If Detected Try Many Times / Try Using Different Injector
►Tested On Window10 64Bit

Virus Scans

✐MafiaBoy BlackShit

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