Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BlackShot Global - SimpleVIP V1.9

BlackShot Global - SimpleVIP V1.9

BlackShot Global - SimpleVIP V1.9
☢BlackShot Global - SimpleVIP V1.9

►Weapon Hack [Updated]
►Speed Hack
►Ghost Mode
►Damage [X5]

►Teleport Save[1] - Numpad4
►Teleport Save[2] - Numpad5
►Teleport Save[3] - Numpad6
►Teleport Save[4] - PageUP
►Teleport Save[5] - PageDown

►Teleport Load[1] - Numpad1
►Teleport Load[2] - Numpad2
►Teleport Load[3] - Numpad3
►Teleport Load[4] - Numpad7
►Teleport Load[5] - Numpad8

►Weapon Hack [Updated] - F10
►UnlimitedBuyTime - Auto
►Anti-Voted - Delete
►Ghost Mode - End
►TeamESP - Insert
►Fly - ArrowUP
►Speed Hack - F9
►Damage - Numpad0


Weapon Hack List

MP5 - NX1 Cyclone
M16 - NX1 Vengeance
SSG82 - Blazing Glory NX1
MK23 - NX1 Destiny
Knife - Blazing Glory NX1
Frag Grenade - NX1 Storm
SWM500 - Tarantula.45
M24 - SASR NZ1
Kukuri Knife - NZ1 Knife
AK47 - AK-NZ1
M4A1 - M4-NZ1
M3 Super90 - MASS-NZ1
HK416 - Kriss Vector Copper Star
Desert Eagle - D.Eagle Gold
Scar - Scar Aurum
P90 - P90 Azrael
Spiked - Zombie Eye
Glock21 - SWM500 Viper
Famas - HK416 Leopard
Glock18 - Auto-9 Garena
Meat Hammer - Katana
M21 - AWP Specter
Dragunov - AWP Monkey King
MP5PDW - AWP Spectre
G36 - MP7 Viper
AKS74U - AKS74U Red
MP7 - MP7 Viper-G
XM8 - M24 Tiger
PSG1 - Cheytac Azure
Jungle Knife - Ruyi Bang
Hatchet - Burning Axe
Wrench - Zombie Hand
M4 Sopmod - AK47 GoldMoon
Drum Shotgun - Spas Lonewolf
Ak47 Urban - HK416 Omega Lite
AUG - Aug Zebra
K2 - Ak47 Dragon
Flash Bang - Garena Grenade
Tavor - Ak47 Tiger
Mat49 - Ak47 SRM Tuning
AS VAL - AS VAL Bio Hazard

►Damage Working On All Weapon . No Exeption .
►Speed Hack Only For Melee .
►Speed Work For All Melee .
►Need To Press F10 First Before Press Damage And Speed Hotkey .
►If Not U Will Got Memory Modified .
►Inject At Character Selection / Server Selection / Lobby
►Tested On Window10 64Bit
►If Got Some Bug / Problem Pls Reply .
►If Detected , Try Many Times & It Will Work .
►Speed Hack All Weapon Coming Soon .


✐MafiaBoy BlackShit

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