Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[Release] My First PB-PH Hack

My First PB-PH Hack

Changelog 5/23/2016:
- [Hack] replace dx no smoke with anti smoke ( support wpsmoke )
- [Hack] added anti flash ( no flash effect when using flash bang )
- [Hack] added anti nade boom ( no grenade explosion/boom )
- [Hack] added no spread ( no bullet spread )
- [Hack] added fast reload with auto reload ( auto reload when empty )
- [Hack] removed rapid fire for snipers and secondary "server sided / will recheck ;)"
- [Hack] removed fast explosion ( so annoying, for me maybe :) )
- [Hack] removed anti kick ingame ( temporary still checking )
- [PE] added hack dependency checker and auto installer
- and more improvements..

Supported OS both x86/x64 platform:
- Windows Vista
- Windows 7
- Windows 8/8.1
- Windows 10

VirusScan Total:
- Click Here

VirusScan Jotti:
- Click Here

- Download Hack
- Extract
- Open PE and click INJECT
- Start PointBlank

Menu Hotkeys:
- Insert to hide/show menu
- Up/Down arrow to navigate
- Left/Right arrow to off/on

- Menu will show InGame @ 1st Respawn

Hack ScreenShot:


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